Koi Baked King Crab Leg, $18.99
Alaska King Crab Leg in a half shell, butter, chili powder, green onion, baked and served warm

Uni Shooter, $8.99
Uni, sake, ponzu, masago, green onions, cucumber and tobiko

Fusion Fresh Salmon Roll, $14.99
Fresh Salmon wrapped with lobster, salad, topped with tobiko served with Toro sauce (4 pieces)

Snow Mountain Maki, $16.99
Yellowtail, cilantro, green onion, super white tuna, jalapeno, black and red tobiko

Tuna Tataki, $14.99
Served tuna topped with shredded daikon and ponzu sauce

Dragon Fire Maki, Lunch $13.99, Dinner $15.99
Shrimp tempura topped with salmon, super white tuna, tobiko, green onion, spicy mayo and unagi sauce then baked and served warmed

Volcano Maki, $19.99
Alaska King Crab, spicy mayo, red tobiko and tempura crunch wrapped around tuna

Toro Maki, Lunch $13.99, Dinner $19.99
Toro fatty tuna, Super White tuna and cilantro topped with red and black tobiko, finished with a green onion and cilantro soy sauce

Filet Mignon Daikon, $14.99
Seared filet mignon wrapped with white Japanese radish, green onions and black pepper flavored ponzu sauce (4 pieces)

Lobster Maki, Lunch $13.99, Dinner $19.99
Tempura fried lobster, cucumber, avocado and lettuce topped with unagi sauce, spicy mayo and four different kids of tobiko

Seared Sesame Salmon, $13.99
Seared fresh salmon, green onion, lettuce, salmon roe and sesame mango mayo sauce

Tempura Oba with Uni, $15.99
Fresh oba leave tempura served with uni and ponzu sauce

Bruce Favorite Maki, Lunch $11.99, Dinner $15.99
Steamed lobster and red tobiko wrapped in soy paper, topped with avocado and finished in a chef’s special sauce

Dancing Eel Maki, $16.99
Unagi and cream cheese topped with avocado, unagi sauce and lightly fried

Fire Maki, Lunch $11, Dinner $15.99
Shrimp tempura, unagi, tamago and cream cheese wrapped in soy paper and lightly fried then topped with unagi sauce and spicy mayo sauce

Tiger Maki, $13.99
Tempura shrimp, cream cheese and jalapenos with salmon, unagi sauce and spicy mayo

Where is Koi
624 Davis Street, Evanston, 60201

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