Latin America

Rio de Janeiro

[Video] Miniature Rio de Janeiro Timelapse

It's just amazing what a photographic technique called “tilt-shift” can do. In some cameras, a set of lenses attach to your camera or in...
Peru and Bolivia video

Peru & Bolivia – a stop-motion journey from Timelapse Media

What a great video... The music, precision, detailed composition and the thousands of photos it took to get it all together. enjoy! A stop-motion journey...

Rio de Janerio Carnival is on Now

Check out this video from one of my favorite TV shows, Globe Trekker.  Ian Wright immerses himself in the Sambadrome during Carnival in Rio de...

Pisco – A Peruvian Secret

Discover a new flavor from South America also known as the 5th white spirit. Pisco is a type of brandy made from grapes at...

Cocktail recipe for Caipirinha (kie-purr-REEN-yah)

Caipirinhas particular flavor is from Cachaça a liquor made from fermented sugarcane juice. This is easy cocktail for any time during the day. Ingredients: - 1/2 lime,...


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