Rio de Janeiro


7 Hostels in Rio De Janeiro to Check Out Before Visiting

The beaches, carnival, samba, and celebrities on the streets---what does Rio de Janeiro lack? Well, until recently, it lacked hostels, but this has now...

5 Best Cheap Eats in Rio de Janeiro

For informal cheap dining, head to one of Rio de Janeiro's many “botecos” - casual bar restaurants where food and drink provide the focal...

Luxury Hotels Where celebrities stay in Rio de Janeiro

Feel like a celebrity when traveling to the hottest city in South America. If it is for Carnaval, or to just enjoy the jungle...


Culinary Tip: Recipes for Bea’s eggs royal from Restaurant Windows

3 eggs 50ml double cream 15g butter 25g potted shrimps 25g smoked salmon cut into strips 10g caviar 2 slices of brown bread rock salt Carefully slice off the tops of the...

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