cheap eats in Rio de Janeiro

For cheap informal dining, head to one of Rio de Janeiro’s many “botecos” – casual bar-restaurants where food and drink provide the focal point for social activity. It is rare for Brazilians to drink without eating. Tapas and other small eats are becoming big news on Rio’s dining scene, too. There are also a few trendy healthy foods if you prefer organic, vegetarian, and/or vegan food.

Rio’s sizeable immigrant population means a fantastic variety of international cuisines – Lebanese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, and Italian are among the standouts. There’s also an equally broad selection of regional Brazilian restaurants.

5 Best Cheap Eats in Rio de Janeiro

Delírio Tropical

This restaurant became one of the references when it comes to healthy food. It offers a great variety of salads and different combinations (single, dual, or tri-mix), which grilled meats, quiches, or pies may accompany. The restaurant also offers soup options, crepes, sandwiches, and desserts.


Considered the best Tapas bar in town, it serves the traditional Spanish-style small eats in a relaxed atmosphere. Spicy sausages, hot potatoes, and delicious imported cheeses are tempting options here.


The menu focuses on burritos and pies, prepared with local and organic ingredients. Do not be fooled by its simplicity! Although many Mexican dishes consist of more or less the same ingredients, the recipes used in Azteka are executed perfectly, combined to create amazing flavors.

Epifania Oriental

If you like Eastern food, this is the place to venture to. The claim to fame of this restaurant is that it creates reinterpretations of classic eastern dishes with local ingredients. It also offers customers a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere.

Caravelas do Visconde

It has an old-fashioned environment, friendly waiters, excellent quality meat, and always a slight wait at the door on the weekend. The food here is always good and abundant and with very reasonable prices. The specialty of the house is the barbecue.

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