Art Makers Outpost

Art Makers Outpost has officially celebrated its grand opening on February 1st in Evanston and is now welcoming students of all ages to create art with recyclable materials. Located at 609 South Boulevard on the second floor of Ice House Gallery, the studio focuses on reusing materials for mixed media art projects that would have instead gone to a landfill.

“We set out to create an affordable art studio to offer classes, camps, and workshops for kids and adults while having a positive environmental impact on our community that would be in line with our core values, and that is exactly what we have done,” said Valerie Kahan. The business is invested in helping the environment through creativity. “Over 75% of the materials available to our students will come from contributions of waste and excess from individuals, local businesses and organizations. We are actively creating partnerships with every business and organization in Evanston and beyond to create a funnel of their usable waste and excess to our repurposing art studio at the Outpost before it makes its way to landfills.”

The studio is co-founded and operated by Valerie Kahan, the creative director and professional artist and business development and sales professional and Hannah Litvan owner of Ice House Gallery. Guided lessons will inspire artists to create, all the while learning new techniques via demonstration and artist consults. “Our goal is to meet all of our artists exactly where they are while encouraging art experimentation and fostering awareness about the positive environmental impact of reuse,” says Valerie Kahan.

A great option for youth is the after school classes where kids are encouraged to make art freely in a nurturing environment. Little artists can search through the reusable supply area and create anything including a stunning sculpture, multi-media art, a beautiful painting at their paint pouring station, building something incredible out of clay or wood—the creative possibilities are endless! 

It’s never too early to start planning for summer camps for your kids and Art Makers Outpost has a variety of classes for every interest. From Robots, Machines, and Fun with Clay Oh My! to Mind Blowing Mosaics & Mobiles, there’s truly something to inspire every type of child. Other camps explore self-portraits, Japanese printmaking, and paper mache. Young kids aren’t the only ones that can create, there are also teen nights. Enjoy adult-only classes as well, sipping wine with their Outpost After Dark series.

For more information, or to sign up for classes, visit