New York City is filled with all things life. It is the city that never sleeps, but just how do you find a place for you and your love to spend a quiet, romantic moment together other that your apartment? That is a good question, but we have come up with some of the most romantic things to do in New York City that will help you forget about the traffic and loud honks or the kids running around screaming. It will feel like you are the only two people left wandering on Earth.

A great way to spend a romantic day in the city is to do the Hudson River Walk in which you calmly stroll over the Hudson River. While holding hands, you and your partner can enjoy a beautiful view of the city.  You can even bring a canine companion to come along and make you two look even cuter.

Another romantic thing to do in the city is to have a picnic. Picnics are always a romantic way to spend a sunny afternoon. It’s something about the outdoors and nature that give a different outlook to things. You and your beau can grab a blanket, a basket filled with goodies, some wine, and take delight in a dreamy brunch together in Central Park. You definitely won’t be alone, but the idea is so charming you won’t even notice. Then perhaps after the picnic you could jump onto one of the carriage rides. Who wouldn’t feel like a princess while riding in a carriage with a male companion, whether he be the man of your dreams or a first date. A carriage ride in New York City will feel like a fantasy come true and hopefully other wishes will also come true.

The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park is an addition to great spots for romantics. The two of you can enjoy of a Venetian Gondola experience and fall more in love with the sounds of exotic birds and nature as your surroundings. As if rowing through the waters wasn’t romantic enough, you can satisfy all your senses by indulging in something sweet to eat or drink while visiting The Loeb Boathouse, just remember to keep your feet on the ground.

If your idea of romance is in the arts then there is no better place than Lincoln Center. Perhaps a performance of the New York City ballet or a musical act can become an unforgettable experience. The ambiance of harmonious music to your ears with amazing jumps and swirls can only make you feel like getting up to jump with joy for being at such a wonderful place with such a wonderful man.

A day spent at the Metropolitan Museum can be a day filled with culture, knowledge, and affectionate admiration. Take your time gliding through each of the Met’s interesting sights and get lost in each other’s understanding of Andy Warhol’s modern art or Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Make a quick trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden in which you will come across flushing strips of beautiful color. Gardens are a place where romance is always in the air and what better than to take a romantic step through blooming plants and get lost in a maze of roses, lilacs, and much more.
-Natalia Aguilar