This might be seen by many cities as a representation of vandalism that has to be quickly erased from the public viewing, but other cities like New York might take this as urban art and even a tourist attraction for an art lover. They are in the most unexpected locations you could imagine,  the rooftop of a building, down the alley or just by the fire hydrant. Many of the art pieces will stay permanently there until another artist comes in and makes another great piece of art or time and weather starts taking it down slowly.

During my recent trip to New York City, I took a walk on the The High Line in the Chelsea neighborhood to see the re-proposed, old train track turned into a city green space. It was the prefect day to walk, and to my surprise check out original art.


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Henrique Kerch
I'm a Caracas native, living in Chicago. I have a passion for travel, culture, food, adventure and discovering new places off the beaten path. I still remember the first trip I took internationally as a child and the excitement that it was to know that everyone will speak another language. Traveling was cool—waking up early to make the trip to the airport, packing too much and then realizing it’s much better to pack light. Now a travel writer, I get to see new places continually, check out new restaurants, and talk about my experiences. Just as I’m about to be done with a trip, I see myself at the airport daydreaming while staring at the departure board thinking about my next destination.