The Best Parisian Travel Tips from Intrepid Solo Traveler and Author Ruth Yunker

I needed some major time away from home in LA. So, after arranging, fretting and almost giving up, I managed to fly off to...
Fete Du Citron - Lemon Festival in Menton France

Fete du Citron – The Lemon Festival in Menton, France

Thousands of people come to see the unique and colorful event —Fete du Citron (The Lemon Festival), every year in the small town of...

6 Best Things to Do in Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, the gorgeous French-speaking part of Switzerland is always ranked in the top spots on any most-expensive-city list. Here, we take you on a...

Views of the Matterhorn while you stay at Hotel Europe in Zermatt

This four-star hotel was the perfect warm and cozy stay while in Zermatt. With gorgeous views of the Matterhorn, this family run hotel recently...
Palace Versailles interior detail

Details, Landscapes and Architecture From the Palace of Versailles in France

My favorite pictures from the Palace of Versailles. Enjoy.
Hagia Sophia

Fly Turkish Airlines to Istanbul

Recently Turkish airlines was named, "Best Airline Europe" by Skytrax for a second year and is quickly becoming the fastest growing airline globally. We...


Hawaii Plane Crash Caught on Tape

Hawaii Plane Crash Caught on Tape

I will have to admit, a few days before getting on a plane you get the butterflies in your stomach, counting how many hours...