Eva Airlines has glamed up some of their airplanes with a Hello Kitty theme! Yes, if you are one of the millions of fans of the iconic characters, this might be your chance to buy your tickets and board from LAX to Taipei and other destinations in Asia. Apart from great service and near flat beds in business class, the experience starts once you step onto the cabin with Hello Kitty postcards, Hello Kitty Pillows and even Hello Kitty Airsickness Bags.  If you think it ends there, prepare for Hello Kitty-themed meals during your flight to your final destination.

Check out the Hello Kitty Jet, you can download wallpapers, screensavers and more.

Also, here is the schedule from LAX – Taipei – LAX


BR15: 18SEP13 – 02NOV13: (MON、THU、SAT)  03NOV13 – 08MAR14: (WED、FRI、 SUN)
09MAR14 – 25OCT14: (MON、THU、SAT)


Hello Kitty Jet amenities


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