Have you ever wondered what some of the most powerful passports in the world are? I have. I am the nerdy one that’s doing the line in customs at the airport taking a peek at the other people’s passports to see where they’re from. But how far can they go, I always wonder? I carry a Venezuelan passport, but live in the USA. I have to always check for new updates on entry visa requirements for any country I want visit and if I need a visa—well, you guessed it, I need to apply for it which is an extra layer to add to my already long to do list. Plus, there’s the added stress of what if it gets declined (I’m lucky, never happened!).

I found this website that will measure your passport index. You can sort by country and see for yourself how powerful some passports can be.

But really, which ones are the most powerful passports in the world?

Here are the top 10 best passports to have.

  1. United States of America | 147 visa free countries
  2. United Kingdom | 147
  3. Germany | 145
  4. South Korea | 145
  5. France | 145
  6. Italy | 144
  7. Sweden | 144
  8. Singapore | 143
  9. Japan | 143
  10. Denmark | 143

And here are the worst passports to have when traveling.

  1. Sao Tome and Principe | 80 visa free countries
  2. Palestinian Territories | 80 visa free countries
  3. Solomon Islands | 80 visa free countries
  4. Myanmar [Burma] | 80 visa free countries
  5. South Sudan | 80 visa free countries
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Henrique Kerch
I'm a Caracas native, living in Chicago. I have a passion for travel, culture, food, adventure and discovering new places off the beaten path. I still remember the first trip I took internationally as a child and the excitement that it was to know that everyone will speak another language. Traveling was cool—waking up early to make the trip to the airport, packing too much and then realizing it’s much better to pack light. Now a travel writer, I get to see new places continually, check out new restaurants, and talk about my experiences. Just as I’m about to be done with a trip, I see myself at the airport daydreaming while staring at the departure board thinking about my next destination.