For me, one of the best parts about traveling is sampling the food and drink. The cuisine is a huge part of a country’s culture and without sampling it, I feel like I would be missing out on a big part of understanding the places I am visiting. After traveling to various countries around the world, here are my top picks for things I have eaten.

Pavlova: New Zealand

It’s pretty much the nationally recognized dessert around New Zealand. With a history that dates back to a time much longer than most locals can remember. This cake makes an appearance at most family parties or traditional dinners. Essentially a meringue pie with a creamy inside, the Pavlova is extremely sweet and typically topped with passion fruit, strawberries and kiwi.

Sichuan Hot Pot: China

This spicy cuisine comes from the Sichuan Province in southern China but is eaten all over the country. It is characterized by its flavors, predominantly the small, round, Sichuan pepper which makes the mouth go slightly numb when eaten. Hot pot is another popular meal in China consisting of boiling water with Sichuan spices to which you can add raw meat and vegetables to be cooked at your leisure.


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Pho: Vietnam

This noodle soup can be found all over the streets of Vietnam. It consists of rice noodles, a beef or chicken broth, the associated meat or seafood and a whole plate of sides. In fact, the sides are what really makes this dish unique and includes leaves of basil, fresh limes, bean sprouts and hot peppers.

Falafel: Israel

Fried balls of chick peas and spices is what falafel technically is. However, in Israel, they put the falafel in a pita bread wrap with hummus and other fresh vegetables. A popular trend is to ask for French fries to be added into the wrap to give it a little extra flavor and texture.


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