If you are in the UK and visiting the Costwolds, here are some things you might want to do!

1. Explore the lavender fields, it’s a beautiful and fragrant experience

Cotswold Lavender might be the place to visit, if you’re looking for picture perfect scenery of rolling hills of lavender. You’ll want to see the fields in full bloom, no doubt, so be sure to check the farms website to confirm the dates — generally full bloom is July and August.

2. Plenty of Walking Paths

With great signposts along the way, you can walk the countryside and visit small villages, farms and even fairytale-like towers like Broadway Tower. Cotswold Way National Trail is about 100 miles and some other walking trails are 3 to 4 hours of duration. Here are some of the walking paths to download Chipping Campden, Broadway and the Tower, Stanton, Snowshill and the Edge, Winchcombe and Belas Knap. You can access more trails and details at Cotswold Way National Trail website.

3. Harry Potter Fans! Gryffindor House might be closer than you think

You might not run into Harry Potter and friends, but you can visit the Gloucester Cathedral and walk the corridors of Gryffindor House in Hogwarts School.

4. The Roman Touch

Want to explore Roman ruins dating back to the 4th century? In Gloucestershire, visit Chedworth Roman Villa one of the largest Romano-British villas in the UK, then head to the Corinium Museum with the largest collection of Roman artifacts. In Bath, just within the city, you can visit Roman Baths –one of the most well-preserved and only natural hot springs in the UK.

5. Tetbury’s Royal Experience

Just in the southwest of Tetbury, you can visit HRH The Prince of Wales home and Highgrove Gardens. Small garden tours and special events are open to the public most of the year and buying your tickets in advance is highly recommended.

6. Visit the Broadway Tower

With one of the highest points in the Cotswolds, a visit to Broadway Tower is an absolute must, whether you decide to walk to it or just do a quick drive from the village of Broadway.


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