Las Alamandas

When thinking back on my best vacations, thoughts on experiences tend to always go to the dishes we ate. I can’t stop thinking about the day I had the pleasure to eat the meals at the luxury resort Las Alamandas a few years ago. It was all fresh, organic, and full of colors. This Mexican boutique hotel is just two hours away from Puerto Vallarta in a secluded area, near a small village and far from the crowds–it’s a must-stop for any family or couple. And, if privacy is an issue, they have the ultimate luxury with their own landing strip so you can park your plane on their property. I will never forget the amazing margaritas they made from freshly squeezed lime, crushed ice, and the best tequilas from their bar. The best part, since everything you’re eating is fresh and prepared for your needs, they will ask what you would like on the menu for the next day or you could just be surprised, making every day there a culinary experience.

Mexican Cheese platter
Nothing like a warm welcome with a Mexican cheese platter!
Beef Tacos, Guacamole and fried beans
beef tacos, guacamole and fried beans
grilled shrimp with rice / Camarones a la plancha con arroz
grilled shrimp with rice / camarones a la plancha con arroz
carnitas enchiladas
carnitas enchiladas
Hot sause grilled shrimp / Camarones a la plancha a la diabla
hot sauce with grilled shrimp / camarones a la plancha a la diabla