So what do you do when you see feet coming through your seat from the seat behind, the guy next to you is shirtless or just some feet up in the air —well, you take a picture and hashtag it to #PassengerShaming. Check out this instagram account for some horrible scenarios that you might experience while flying.

Enjoy some of my favorites…

I am very sure that this passenger is in first class or business… Wait, I think the seats can be a flat bed.

This one takes the cake for the worst experience.

I am very sure this is first class.

It must be hot in the cabin.

Excuse me can you move your hair? Trying to search for another movie.

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Henrique Kerch
I'm a Caracas native, living in Chicago. I have a passion for travel, culture, food, adventure and discovering new places off the beaten path. I still remember the first trip I took internationally as a child and the excitement that it was to know that everyone will speak another language. Traveling was cool—waking up early to make the trip to the airport, packing too much and then realizing it’s much better to pack light. Now a travel writer, I get to see new places continually, check out new restaurants, and talk about my experiences. Just as I’m about to be done with a trip, I see myself at the airport daydreaming while staring at the departure board thinking about my next destination.